Patient Information

Preparing for Your Vasectomy

  1. Shave all the hair from the front of your scrotum on both sides on the day of your vasectomy. Use a disposable razor with multiple blades and be careful!
  2. After shaving the area, shower with soap and water to remove all the loose hair.
  3. Wear supportive underwear (not boxer shorts).
  4. Bring someone who can drive you home.

After your Vasectomy

Following your vasectomy it is important that you remain off your feet as much as possible for 24 to 48 hours.

The anaesthetic will wear off approximately 1 to 3 hours after surgery. Ice packs applied to the groin and simple analgesics like paracetamol or ibuprofen can help with any discomfort.

You may shower at your leisure. Sexual activity may be resumed within 3 to 4 days using another form of contraception as at this time you are not yet sterile (we keep mentioning this as it is a really important point).

Over the next two weeks you should only participate in light activities, i.e. no heavy lifting (more then 20kg) or prolonged driving (more then 2 hours), and avoid swimming. You should avoid contact sport for four weeks. These recommendations are important in order to minimize the chance of complications (bleeding, pain or infection etc.). A medical certificate can be provided if required.

Your doctor will ask you to perform a semen analysis three months after your procedure to check that you are infertile. We will ring you with the result.


Initial consultation

Standard fee $78. Medicare rebate $38.20.

Reduced fee $68 for concession card holders. Medicare rebate $38.20.

Bulk billed for aged care or disability support pension card holders.

Vasectomy Procedure

Surgery fee $700. Medicare rebate $198.55.

Payment is required prior to your vasectomy; ‘no payment, no snip’.

If applicable, check with your private health insurance provider to see if you are eligible an additional rebate.